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We Save Water

At ezsteam, we use an average of .4 gallons per car as steam – that’s .3 – . 8% of the waste water produced from a regular car wash. At this fraction of water usage, we produce virtually no waste water.According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2010 there were 250,272,812 registered passenger vehicles and according to the US Census Bureau, the average number of cars washed annually is 2.3 billion per year. A regular car wash uses an average of 50 – 120 gallons per car wash. This produces anywhere from 11.5 – 27.6 trillion gallons of waste water per year! Let’s work on this together.

We Clean Air

According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study in 2009, the average American over 18 spends almost 19 hours per week in the car and yet, most of us are not concerned enough about the air quality in our vehicles or too busy to even get a car wash, let alone sanitize the air inside the car. Dust, dirt, food waste, polluted air, tobacco smoke, etc can produce unwanted mites, mold, germs and bacteria, contaminating the interior air and seats, ventilation ducts, dashboard, etc. If not treated properly, this contamination can lead to allergies, asthma, rhinitis and more.

We Clean & Sterilize Using Steam

We clean both the exterior and interior of your vehicle as well as any other place or thing you would like cleaned and sterilized. What differentiates us from any other conventional cleaning service is our sterilization process, which sterilizes 99.9% of the germs and odors, without the use of harmful chemicals – including the ventilation system.

Superior Technology

We use the finest and latest steam technology in the world, using high pressure at a temperature hot enough to sterilize the interior and exterior, with no damage to the paint surface – all without the use of damaging brushes.

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" clean our cars more effectively, efficiently and more environmentally..." How can we reconcile the need to clean our vehicles that are so important to all of us with our aspiration to help make a cleaner, safer, and better planet for our future and for our children? View More

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