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Asthma and All engines

Asthma and Allergies

Spring Season is the peak for asthma and allergies alike. While you can’t control the level of allergens in the air outside, there are ways to reduce your exposure to harmful allergens inside your home. Your carpets act as trap for allergens and dust particles, preventing you from inhaling them. In fact, carpets are more effective for allergy control than hardwood floors! But your carpets can only work effectively if maintained properly.

Deep steam cleaning process removes harmful allergens, dust particles, and other debris that settles in the carpet. Ezsteam steam carpet cleaning extracts the deep down particles and allergens from your carpet’s fibers, removing them from your home.


Quick Facts

  • Carpet can trap harmful allergens
  • Poorly-maintained carpets can result in poor indoor air quality
  • Improper carpet cleaning methods can agitate allergens, releasing them into the air
  • Carpet is more effective for allergen control than hardwood floors